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August 2016


14 Football Meeting for Parents and Athletes: 5 – 7 pm BBA, Cafeteria
15 Football practice begins
17 Mandatory Fall Sports Meeting: 6 – 8 pm, BBA Gym
18 Senior College Admission Workshop: 10 am -12 start in BBA Riley Center
18 Fall sports practices begin
22 Transfer Student Orientation: 10 am – 12:30 pm, Hunter Sem|Library
22 Extracurricular Theater| Dance & Film Meeting: 6 – 9 pm, BBA Riley Center
22 Mountain Campus Family Meeting, 6 – 7 pm, Hunter Seminar Room
23 Senior College Admission Workshop: 10 am -12 start in BBA Riley Center
23 Fall Play and Film Auditions: 1 – 5 pm, BBA Riley Center
24 Freshmen Orientation: 8 am – 1:20 pm, start in the BBA Riley Center
24 Junior Jumpstart: 8 am -12:30 start in the cafeteria
24 Freshmen|New Parent Orientation: 6:30 – 7:30 pm, BBA Riley Center
25 School Opens: 12:45 pm Dismissal
25 Fall Play and Film Auditions: 2 – 5 pm, BBA Riley Center
26 Fall Play and Film Callbacks and Final Callbacks: 1 – 5 pm, BBA Riley Center


From the Headmaster

Dear Families:

Although it still feels like the height of summer – and I truly hope the summer is treating you well – sports practices, drama auditions, and the start of classes are only weeks away. Please look closely at all the relevant dates in this Bullhorn post as well as on our newly renovated website. From our standpoint, we are rejuvenated and excited about the year to come.

Every four years, our school year begins in the thick of a presidential election, and, discussion about the state of education nationally. Sixteen years ago, President Bush introduced No Child Left Behind. Eight years ago, President Obama brought us Race to the Top and, most recently, the Common Core. With this election, there is no telling what direction we will take educationally. However, I share the wisdom of famed educational historian Diane Ravitch, who recently wrote a New York Times column regarding the state of education in our nation. She discusses the preoccupation with standardized test scores and resulting overemphasis on test preparation under these past two administrations, and she reaches the following conclusion:

If we really cared about improving the education of all students, we would give teachers the autonomy to tailor instruction to meet the needs of the children in front of them and to write their own tests. We would insist that students in every school had an equal opportunity to learn in well-maintained schools, in classes of reasonable size taught by expert teachers…What is called “the achievement gap” is actually an “opportunity gap.” What we need are schools where all children have the same chance to learn.

I am proud to tell you that this prescription for the rest of the nation is what we have been doing at Burr and Burton for almost 200 years. As an independent school that serves the public, we are able to put our best thinking into providing engagement, vigorous educational experiences unfettered by the vagaries of politics and political direction. We focus on each student, each one of your sons and daughters.

I hope you and your family are as excited to be a part of the BBA community as we are to have you. I look forward to the many events that mark the start of school, with a year to build on our hopes and dreams.


 Mark only Signature

Mark H. Tashjian

PS: To read the full article by Diane Ravitch, please click here.


BBA’s New Website Will Go Live – August 2

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 6.31.30 AM copy

Forms, Forms, Forms

Many of you have already filled out the online forms for the upcoming school year and to all of you a hearty well done! Some of you still need to complete some forms.

Why does it matter? Students will not have an iPad to pick up for the start of the year, will not be registered for free lunch (should you qualify) and will be unable to play sports, participate in performances or partake in extra curricular activities of any kind until all forms are completed.

There are 5 forms in total that need to be completed by the parent or guardian two of the forms also need to be completed by the student to be considered “complete.” They must login to their OnCampus account to do this.

 The forms are:

  • 2016-2017 Contact, Tech and Meals info – This needs to be completed by August 1st to have an iPad available by the start of the school year. Both Student and Parent or Guardian needs to sign this
  • 2016-2017 Emergency Contact Info and Permissions
  • 2016-2017 Fall Co-Curricular Rules and Info
  • 2016-2017 Health Consent and Medical Form Both Student and Parent or Guardian needs to sign this.
  • 2016-2017 Sports Health Questionnaire

Please login to OnCampus and finish off the forms. Students may need some extra prodding to get the job done in these dog days of summer.

If the form does not say completed then it is not done.


If you need help contact . You can even make an appointment to come in to BBA and get help filling in your online forms with us by contacting

All students new to BBA and all Juniors also need to have the Well Exam Form filled completed and signed by their doctor and delivered to the School Nurse Megan Beattie-Cassan. Both SVMC Northshire Campus and Dr. Miller’s office have copies of the paper forms in their offices. The form can be downloaded and printed too by clicking this link.


From the Advancement Office

Cindy-Gubb-1Dear Parents,

While most people think it’s quiet here on campus during the summer, I can tell you it’s not. We’ve had a lot of camps – basketball, lacrosse, soccer, football, field hockey, a technology camp and even a young explorers camp at the Mountain Campus. Right now, we’re in week three of the Summer Success Camp, introducing a new group of Success Scholars to Burr and Burton. And while it only August 1st, we are sprucing up classrooms and the campus, planning for the coming year and all of the great opportunities that will be available to our new and returning students. We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus soon.

One of our summer tasks in the Advancement Office is pulling together our Annual Appreciation report, which is a way to recognize and thank all of our supporters from last year. It’s always amazing and heartwarming to see how many of you supported BBA in some way. So to start off the new school year, we want to thank every parent who contributed to the success of last year – our Annual Fund drive was a phenomenal success! Whether you wrote a check, donated a service, made of gift-in-kind to the Online Auction or Live Auction for the gala, volunteered time in the concession stand, worked on the gala committee, attended the gala, sold ads for the Performing Arts program, sold raffle tickets of any kind, made cookies or brownies for a bake sale during the school year, helped coach a sports team, organized the Senior Sendoff party, or participated in some other way, we want to say a big, heartfelt THANK-YOU! We couldn’t do what we do without your help.

For new parents and families, we encourage you to get involved with our school and there are lots of ways to do that. Contact Gina Vickers, President of our Parent Association, and she can share with you the opportunities that are available. Her phone number is 802-549-8277, or email her at It’s a great way to get to know other parents and it’s also rewarding, fun work.

We look forward to the coming school year with great anticipation and excitement and offer a warm welcome to all of our families and students.

Enjoy these last weeks of summer and we’ll see you in a few short weeks!


cindy's only signature

Cynthia Gubb
Director of Advancement

P.S. For parents who are alumni, please note the following:

Alumni Reunion Weekend

Layout 1Whether you are celebrating a significant reunion or not, we are calling all of our parents, their friends and family who are Burr and Burton alumni to sign up for this year’s reunion on the Hill. Scheduled for homecoming weekend, September 30 – October 2, 2016, the event promises to be an action-packed, fun-filled weekend.

You can register online, by phone and by mail. For a full list of the weekend activities, please visit our website and click on the brochure link to see the schedule.

If you have questions, or need more information about Reunion Weekend, please contact Gina Vickers at or call her at 802-549-8277. All are welcome – you don’t have to be celebrating a significant reunion anniversary to come, have fun and dance the night away. But sign up soon, because interest is high and last year the dinner on Saturday night at the Equinox was sold out! Join us for a blast from the past – we look forward to seeing you!


From the Co-Dean of Students

FootballDear Parents,

In a few weeks your child/children will be returning to school. Here are a few items to consider prior to the start of the school year.

If your child drives to school, please purchase a parking permit prior to the start of school. To pay in person or by mail, please select this link: Print and fill out the form to pay in person. Submit the form and your payment to Ramona Towne in the BBA business office for processing. To mail your payment, please complete the form and send it to Ms. Towne (mailing information is on the form). All parking permit fees help to offset the cost of plowing and maintaining the parking lots.

To pay online, the 2016-2017 Parking Permit 1st Quarter can be found in your files and forms section in OnCampus. Please login to view. Both a parent or guardian and the student need to login into their accounts and sign the form. 

Seniors are not allowed to leave campus if they have a free block until the majority of the senior parking permits have been paid for and submitted. An announcement will be made at assembly to acknowledge the start of this privilege. Additionally, no student is allowed to leave campus during flex block.

Help your child get to school on time! Being punctual now will help your son/daughter in the future. Students arriving late should sign in and get a pass from Mrs. Towslee in the main office. Additionally, please call the main office (362-1775) to inform us if your son/daughter is sick and will not be attending school. Note: Tardies are cumulative and will affect your child’s overall classroom attendance and possibly his/her grade.

Check your son/daughter’s attire before coming to school. The BBA dress code should be a non-issue, but every year we have difficult conversations with students and some parents about appropriate school attire. While we want our students to be comfortable, we also want them to be respectful. It is challenging, time consuming, and uncomfortable for teachers and administrators to talk to your son/daughter about dress code matters. Help us out and have your child dress appropriately.

Looking for something for your child to do? Have them try joining a club! Burr and Burton Academy offers a variety of after school clubs. Most clubs begin during the month of September and are usually announced by their club advisor at Monday morning assembly.

Lastly, communicate often with your student(s), and let me know if your son/daughter is having any problems at school. With easy access to technology and social media, it is possible for a potential problem to follow your son/daughter home without your knowledge. Gone are the days when a potential problem is left at school when a child leaves school at the end of the day.

Finally, BBA must be a drug free campus. Students violating this request will be dealt with accordingly and have to endure the consequences. Since vape pens and e-cigarettes can also burn marijuana oil, they will be treated as drug paraphernalia. While not prevalent at school, they are growing in popularity and are of concern to the administration.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions and/or concerns. I am looking forward to a positive school year with our students.

Anthony Cirelli
Co-Dean of Students



Mandatory College Admission Seminar for Seniors

Seniors planning to apply to college must attend a Senior College Admission Workshop for all college-bound students which is offered twice (attend just one): Thursday, August 18 or Tuesday, August 23, from 10 am to 12 pm starting in the Riley Center.   We will be covering several important procedures related to the college application process.  Please remind your student to attend and bring their laptop or iPad to the Senior College Admission Workshop.

Make sure your course schedule is set for the entire year; it can be difficult to drop/add for second semester and we are required to report any changes of academic classes to college admission offices.

Orientation for New Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (students only)

All new sophomores, juniors and seniors should report to the Smith Center Library on Monday, August 22, from 10 am – 12:30 pm. The students will meet with BBA Student Ambassadors who will answer questions and share tips about adjusting to Burr and Burton. We’ll also help students locate their classrooms and get connected to BBA technology. The program will end with a pizza party.

Junior Jump-Start Program

All juniors report for school one day early—on Wednesday, August 24, from 8 am to 12:30 pm. Juniors have reached an important milestone and we’ll mark this special day with activities to kick off the second half of high school. The Junior Jump-Start program will cover career and college information, standardized testing options, the junior year planning calendar and more! Juniors will meet new students and have some time to reconnect with classmates and advisors. Students will all need a device. They should bring a laptop or be prepared to pick up their iPads first thing that morning. Please meet in the cafeteria to start the day.

Freshman Orientation – Students Only

All freshmen should meet in the Riley Center for the Arts on Wednesday, August 24, from 8 am – 1:20 pm. Students will meet their classmates, teachers, advisor and freshman mentor. They’ll find their classrooms, participate in a question and answer session, and have some fun, too. Dress casually to participate in activities.

Fall College and Financial Aid Information Night for Junior and Senior Parents

Mark your calendar for Burr and Burton’s Fall College and Financial Aid Information Night for Parents on Thursday, October 13 at 7  pm. This program will take place in the Riley Center and will provide grade-specific information for the college admission and financial aid process.

Other Upcoming Events

Look for more information in next month’s Bullhorn about these upcoming programs:

  • College Fair Field Trip for Juniors  to Saint Michael’s College in Burlington — Thursday, September 22 from 6 am to 3 pm
  • PSAT – in-school testing for juniors on Wednesday, October 19

Standardized Testing Registration for Seniors

The registration deadline for the September 10 ACT with writing (at BBA) is August 5. Burr and Burton will also be a test center for the SAT on October 1 (the registration deadline is September 1). Please note that Burr and Burton does not collect the fees for the SAT or ACT; students must create accounts and register directly with these organizations at and  Seniors are also responsible for sending their official scores to all colleges that require standardized testing.  Please keep track of your usernames and passwords by making a journal entry in your Naviance account – you’ll need them again.

Test Prep for October SAT

The Tutorial Center has test test preparation classes for the October SAT. Call 802-362-0222 for cost and details. Group and private classes are available. First class takes place early August.

Campus Visits

Seniors who haven’t yet visited colleges are strongly advised to make plans to do so as soon as possible. While scheduling college visits during vacations and on weekends is preferable, we understand that it is sometimes necessary for students to miss school. Campus visits are excused absences if parents notify the Attendance Office in advance. BBA School and College Counselors also make their own campus visits every year. Let’s trade campus tour reports!

College Visits to Burr and Burton

Throughout the fall months, college admission representatives visit Burr and Burton. Juniors and seniors can keep track of the ever expanding list of visits on their Naviance accounts and make plans to attend meetings with teacher permission.

Contact Information

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a question, a concern or feedback. We welcome all contact and the opportunity to work with you to assure the quality of your student’s Burr and Burton experience.

The School and College Counseling Office contacts:

Maria Bittinger, School and College Counselor for International Students,

Mary Grabarz, Registrar, 549-8127;

Cory Herrington, Dean of Students, Counselor for Freshmen,

Andrea Hogan, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8145;

Kirk Knutson, Director of Admission and School Counseling, 549-8125;

Melissa Michaud, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8130;

Cristin Rose, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8126;

Lynne Welsh,  Admission and Counseling Office Manager, 549-8242;


Bulldog Logo copy 2

From the Athletics Department

 We are very excited to announce two new opportunities for students.

Leadership without sloganThe Bulldog Leadership Summit is launching the 1st annual student-led retreat. The goal of the Bulldog Leadership Summit is to create a community of student leaders who use their influence as leaders to transform the culture of Burr and Burton so that integrity, selflessness, and respect for everybody is embraced. We aim to inspire students to lead through character, accountability, and adding value to others. For the past three years BBA students have been engaging in leadership workshops on a variety of concepts. This year we have some leaders who are ready to run a retreat for other students.

The leadership retreat will take place on Sunday 9/11 from 10 am -3 pm at BBA. Retreat topics include: The Elements of Success, Habits of Leaders, Having Difficult Conversations, and Leading Up and Down your Organization. The retreat is open to all students. Please register here. For more information contact or Please see our 2016-17 schedule for other workshops.

The second great opportunity is the Peak Performance Program for athletes who aspire to compete at a high level. We will begin running our Peak Performance Program this Fall.  Our mission is to provide tools for the highly motivated athlete to reach an elite level of performance. The program consists of 8 – Six Week Sessions  (4 sessions per year). More information will be available at the Parent/Athlete Meeting on August 17 at 6 pm in the gym.

Important Fall Sports Information:

In just over two weeks we will be kicking off another exciting Fall Athletic Season. Below are the important meeting dates and times for the fall season and information about the required forms that must be completed before you will be permitted to participate in tryouts. Any student interested in trying out for a fall sport must attend, with an adult, the informational meeting on August 17.

  • August 14 – Mandatory Football Parent and Athlete Information Night 5 pm in the cafeteria.
  • August 15 – Football practice begins.
  • August 17 – Mandatory Fall Sports Parent and Athlete Information Night for ALL Fall Sports 6 pm in the gym. All athletes and parents will meet in the gym first. Football players and parents will be dismissed and all others will go to individual team meetings. Senior athletes of all sports should stick around for a leadership workshop at 8 pm in the Hunter Seminar Room.
  • August 18 – Mountain Biking, Soccer, Field Hockey and X-Country practices begin.

Fall Head Coaches:

Football: Jason Thomas,

Girls Soccer: Suzanne Mears,

Boys Soccer: Peter Mull,

Field Hockey: Barb Miceli,

Field Hockey: Julie Fifield,

X-Country: Paul Bremel,

Mountain Biking: Jon Mowry,

New this year, all Freshmen, Juniors and new students must have an updated physical on file with the BBA Health Office. There will be no separate Sports Physical. All the necessary forms needed to participate in athletics can be completed through your OnCampus account. These forms must be completed prior to the meetings on August 17 or August 14. Completing them sooner rather than later is greatly appreciated from the administrative end.

Returning Burr and Burton students must be in attendance at the first day of tryouts and all juniors must attend the varsity tryouts.

Mark your calendars: Homecoming/Alumni Weekend 2016 – September 30 – October 2. A complete schedule of events will be available in the September Bullhorn.

Each season as part of the co-curricular rules that you and your athlete sign, we provide some information on concussions. At BBA, we continually revise our concussion protocal to meet the best standard of care. Please see below if you would like some additional information.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have teamed up to provide information and resources to help educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports. Mick Koester M.D., ATC, Chair of the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and Director of the Slocum Sports Concussion in Eugene, Oregon takes you through this course. In this course you will understand the impact sports-related concussion can have on your players, how to recognize a suspected concussion, the proper protocols to manage a suspected concussion, and steps to help your player return to play safely after experiencing a concussion.

Parents and athletes are encouraged to take the free online course.


From the Creative Arts Department

KateKate Mori ’17 has been selected as a member of the All-National Honor Ensembles Concert Band.  The 2016 All-National Honor Ensembles program will take place at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas from November 10 – 13, 2016.  Congratulations Kate for making BBA history through achieving this prestigious honor.

On Monday, August 22, 2016 at 6 pm in the Riley Center, there will be an information meeting regarding the extracurricular offerings in dance, film and theater for the 2016-2017 season.

If you are interested in The Fall Play (Almost, Maine), The Creative Choreography Workshop, Ballet/Pointe/Variation Classes, The Fall Film, The Elf Express, The Theater and Dance New Works Project, The Spring Musical (Pippin), Playwriting and Screenwriting, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Set Design, Set Building, Crew or Stage Management, please attend this meeting.

There are so many opportunities for everyone! Join our BBA family!

Please sign in when you arrive and sides (dialogue) will be handed out at this time to those interested in auditioning for the fall play.  We are looking forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, please email

BBA Auditions and Callback Information:

Play (Almost, Maine )
Fall Film (TBA)

   Thursday, August 25 (initial audition) at 1 pm

   Friday, August 26 (final callbacks) at 1 pm
   The Riley Center for The Arts


From the Health Center

FootballSummer is meant to be a time for students to unwind, relax, and re-group! Hopefully it was just that for your child. With that said, it’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will be turning our alarm clocks back to the “ON” position before we go to bed for the night.

The hard part, is getting our kids back on a schedule. Most high schoolers haven’t seen their phone say anything earlier than 9 am for months. One important tip to help your child get back on track, is having them set their alarm for the time they need to get up for school. Get up, eat and get dressed for a couple of weeks leading up to school. This way they will be more prepared for their “new” morning routine.

The Health Center is eager to Welcome back our returning students and Welcome our new ones! If you have any questions, or concerns regarding medical issues, or social or emotional concerns with your child. please don’t hesitate call, or stop by the Health Center. We are located right on the Upper Circle. My direct line is 549-8250.

Megan Brooks
Director of Mental Health


Corporate Sponsors

We thank the corporations below for their generous support of Burr and Burton Academy and hope you will in turn support these businesses.

Headmasters List

Berkshire Bank
Bromley Mountain
Mack Molding
r. k. Miles
Stratton Mountain Resort
The Orvis Company
The Vermont Country Store

High Honors List

Engineered Printing Solutions
Finn and Stone Insurance
Rugg Valley Landscaping
Spiral Press Café
The Equinox Golf Resort and Spa
The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern
W. H. Shaw Insurance Agency, Inc.

Honors List

Bank of Bennington
Mettowee Mill Garden Center & Landscaping
The Aspen at Manchester

Academic Letter

Barrows House and Dorset Inn
Battenkill Communications
Bradley D. Myerson Law Offices
Dibble Painters
Equinox Asset Management
JOY – all things underthings
Lily of the Valley Florist
Mountain Goat North, Inc.
Mountain Weavers
Northshire Bookstore
People’s United Bank
Spivey Lemonik Swenor, PC
The Richards Group, Insurance & Financial Services
The Works Bakery Café

Academic Pin

Equipe Sport, Ltd
Hill Farm Inn
iShip Express
Midura Building Company
Samuelson Law Offices
Scott Thompson Builders

Do You Believe in Magic?
2016 Gala Sponsors

Layout 1

Abracadabra Sponsors

Gala logos 1

Hocus Pocus Sponsor

Four Seasons Sotheby’s

Presto Sponsors

Black Diamond Tree Service
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drasher
H.N. Williams Store
Langway Motors
Manchester Capital
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
Stratton Rentals

Voila Sponsors

Atlantic Projects
Dorset Inn & Barrows House
Equinox Village
Glebe Mountain Gardens and Landscaping
Lily of the Valley Florists
Mountain Goat North, Inc.
The Reluctant Panther
Rutland Regional Medical Center
Spivey Lemonik Swenor
Tara Pollio Floral Event Design
The Vermont Country Store

Magic Wand Sponsors

Arcadia Arts
Bradley’s Pro Shop
Cole and Company
Decorative Interiors
Deerfield Valley Dental Care – Dr. R. Ruhl
GSK Climate Control
Heinel’s Clothiers
Heritage Credit Union
Long Ago and Far Away
L/S Gerontology Seminars – Lois Schram
McWayne Jewelers
Mount Snow
Nerium International
Vermont Kitchen Supply
Weston Country Store

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