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October 2018


1  Photo Retakes: all day, Hunter Seminar Room
2  Junior/Soph Test Registration: 10:3012 noon, Riley Center
3  Financial Aid Information Program: 5 – 6 pm, Riley Center
3  Parent Conferences – 12:45 Dismissal: 1 – 5 pm
4  Parent Conferences – 12:45 Dismissal: 1 – 8 pm
5  Parent Association Meeting: 8 – 9 am, Hunter Seminar Room
5  Calliope Café: 6:309 pm, Riley Center for the Arts
6  SAT Testing at BBA: 8 am – 2 pm, Smith Center, 3rd floor
10 Freshman Service Day
10 Junior PSAT
10 Sophomore Pre-ACT
10 Senior Workshops: 911 am
11 Powderpuff Football Game: 3 4 pm, Taylor Field
11 Homecoming Cookout and Bonfire: 68:30 pm, Upper parking lot
12 Sophomore Career Summit
12-14 Reunion and Homecoming Weekend
13 iTV Fest: BBA Riley Center
18 Mid Terms
19 Mid Terms
22 Mid Semester BreakNo School
26 Parent Fall Mixer: 68 pm, Mountain Campus, Peru


From the Headmaster

Dear Families:

Respect for individual differences

This is one of our core values, one that ranks especially important as we face the searing national debate about Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s alleged actions during high school and college. The premise of this core value – respect for individual differences – is that we are defined not by those differences, but by our overwhelming similarities, our common ground. These similarities may be lost in the national debate, but they are not lost here at Burr and Burton Academy.

  • We are united in our belief that education is an important and worthwhile endeavor,
  • We are united in our belief that a caring, supportive community is the very foundation for great education, and we appreciate the care and support demonstrated from within and outside the walls of our school.
  • We are united in our condemnation of sexual violence, date rape, and the attitudes and culture that have enabled these offenses to be all too prevalent in American society.
  • We are united in our support for victims of sexual assault and other forms of abuse, bullying, harassment, and intimidation.
  • We as a school strive to provide a better culture and better support system than when we adults were in high school. We want our young men and young women to conduct themselves with pride today that will last into the future, and we hope victims no longer feel the need to remain silent.

As for our differences, throughout this country and throughout our community, we have vastly different views on an appropriate outcome regarding Justice Kavanaugh‘s candidacy for the Supreme Court. I ask that as we have dialogue, we listen carefully to each other‘s perspectives, we remind ourselves to seek first to understand, then be understood, and, above all, we remember our deep, meaningful areas of agreement within these difficult discussions.

We are a learning community, and may our diversity of views enrich our learning and strengthen our community.


Mark only Signature

Mark H. Tashjian


From the Associate Head of School

Dear BBA Families:

As we flip the calendar from September to October, it seems as if the fall weather has finally arrived.  Progress Reports will be released today in BBA’s OnCampus parent and student portal. Progress reports are designed to give a snapshot of each student’s academic performance: teachers provide a current course grade and a personal comment for each student in all semester-long courses. Please note that D and E block classes, which run every other day for the full year, do not report progress grades until late October.  

Parent-teacher-student conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd from 1:15-5 pm and Thursday, October 4th from 1:15-8 pm, with a faculty dinner break from 5-5:45 pm. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend conferences. This is an important opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss progress. If your son or daughter cannot attend, please discuss the following with him or her prior to your scheduled appointments: What do they like best? Least? What progress are they making? Where are they most successful? What challenges do they face? How are they using Flex Block? During your conferences, share your personal insights. It is often this personal knowledge and perspective that helps teachers and leads to enhanced student learning.

BBA teachers welcome parent-initiated conversation at any time.  If the scheduled days and times are not convenient for you, or if appointment slots are booked, please email or call teachers directly to arrange an alternative time.  

On October 10th, we will run special programing for each grade level. No regular classes will be held this day. Please see grade-specific information below for expectations on that day.


All 9th graders will take to the streets for the annual Freshman Service Day. Students should plan to arrive by 8:00 am and report to the Gym to organize prior to their departure. Students should dress appropriately for their assigned project, and pack a lunch, water and bug spray/sunscreen. All groups will arrive back at BBA in time for sports and dismissal at 2:35.


All sophomores will report to the Riley Center at 8:00 on Oct. 10, prior to the PreACT testing administration.  The PreACT is a practice ACT, a standardized test for college admission, similar to the SAT; it is a comprehensive assessment that provides feedback on students’ career interests, along with college readiness scores.  Although it is not required to use a calculator on this test, we recommend that students bring a calculator with them for the PreACT. School will dismiss at 2:35.


All juniors will take either the PSAT or the ASVAB on the morning of Oct. 10th and should report to school for the usual 8:00 start.  Students should bring a calculator with them for the PSAT. Testing will take place in classrooms in the Smith Center or in the Learning Center. Following testing, juniors will select an activity from a menu of topics.  School will end at 2:35.

The PSAT is a preliminary, or practice, SAT.  Students must bring the $16 registration fee, cash or check made out to Burr and Burton Academy to Lynne Welsh in the School and College Counseling Office. (For the ease of online payment with a fee of $16.50, use this link: The fee is due on 10/1 and the late fee is $20. Fee waivers are available for students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a free test for students considering a variety of career options. It highlights skill areas not normally tested on other standardized assessments.  Students planning a career in the military and those interested in a civilian job after high school can benefit from taking this exam. Students should notify their counselor or Mrs. Welsh if they plan to take the ASVAB on the morning of Oct. 10.


Seniors have several options for Oct. 10:

  • Seniors with November 1st college application deadlines who have not finalized their applications with their counselor must attend the morning application workshop from 9:00 – 11:30 am in the Smith Center Technology classrooms and Library.
  • Seniors may take the ASVAB at 8:00 (see details under the Junior heading).
  • Seniors may use the day for a college visit or job shadow experience.
  • Seniors who need to complete community service hours will have the opportunity to volunteer for a service project at BBA. Details about signing up will be sent to seniors via email.
  • Seniors who serve as Freshmen Mentors will accompany their freshmen advisory groups to the service sites.  Freshmen Mentors with Nov. 1 deadlines need to finalize their applications with their counselors prior to Oct. 10.

I hope to see you as you move through the halls during parent-student-teacher conferences!


Meg Kenny
Associate Head of School


From the Dean of Students

Dear Parents,

School Delay/Closure Notification

If Burr and Burton decides to delay a school opening or close due to inclement weather, we will reach out to families via our telephone alert system. This is the same system that Meg Kenny used to remind parents of our early release on Tuesday, September 25. If you did not receive her call, please check your contact information (specifically your phone number(s) for accuracy by visiting If your data is not correct, please contact JT Amirault in our technology department to have it changed. You can reach JT by email at .

School Emergency Notification

The State of Vermont requires every school to perform monthly drills to practice potential school emergencies. In the event of a real emergency, BBA would use the same telephone alert system to communicate with parents.

For safety reasons, in a real emergency, parents should never attempt to contact their child via their cell phone or drive to the main campus. If we ever needed to evacuate the school, the parking lot of the First Congregational Church across from the Equinox Hotel will be a reunification location for you to pick up your student(s).


Anthony Cirelli,
Co-Dean of Students


From the Advancement Office

Annual Fund kick-off

When the fall foliage appears, that is a sure sign that it’s time to launch our Annual Fund for the 2018 – 2019 school year. We kickoff this year’s Annual Fund on October 1. Our Parent Association Advancement Committee Chair, Marlene Lederman Allen, will be reaching to you on a regular basis throughout the year asking for your financial support. And here’s why – while tuition from our sending towns covers a good majority of the basic expenses of what we offer at Burr and Burton, it’s the Annual Fund that allows us to offer all of extraordinary educational experiences and opportunities available to all Burr and Burton students. So please respond to the information you receive about the Annual Fund and make a gift.

Parent participation is important on many fronts. When we are working with other donors and foundations, a strong showing of financial support (meaning the number of parents supporting the school, not the dollar amount) illustrates that you believe in what Burr and Burton is doing for your student and encourages generous support from others. Your lead inspires others who may not have as close of a connection to the school. And most important, it is your child that benefits most from the Annual Fund.

Your gift of support is based solely on your personal financial situation. No gift is too small (or too large). If you think $25 won’t have an impact, we’d like to share with you some ideas on how your gift does makes a difference.

  • $25 buys a soccer ball, purchases a foreign language film in Spanish, French or German, or 100 petri dishes for the Science Department.
  • $50 provides for an adjunct faculty member to teach a one-hour private lesson in the Music Department.
  • $100 buys a class set of level-specific reading books in a foreign language, 400 plastic protection jackets for hardcover books in the library or fills the gas tank of a van taking students to the Mountain Campus or the Dene Farm.
  • $200 pays for an hour of ice time for the boys and girls ice hockey teams or a thermal camera for a physics class.
  • $250 rents five string instruments for a year in the Music Department or buys a football helmet for one player.
  • $500 pays a faculty member to mentor one of our 35 plus clubs for the year.

We welcome many forms of support and will count any of the following as a parent gift toward the Annual Fund:

  1. A gift of cash or a check. (To make a gift Online and get it done now, click on the link: HERE.
  2. Appreciated stocks (or perhaps there are a few that haven’t performed that you want to get rid of).
  3. If you own your own business, commit to a Corporate Sponsorship or a Gala Sponsorship (we’re happy to send you package of information on sponsorships).
  4. A donation of a service, product or other item for the spring Online Auction (examples include: window washing, yard maintenance, an oil change, a cord of wood, etc.)
  5. A donation of an item for the Live Auction for our spring fundraising Gala.

Whether it’s $5 or $500 or anything in between, we ask you to do what is right for your family. Remember, it’s THE NUMBER OF PARENTS WHO GIVE that we’re counting, not the amount. And many gifts of all sizes add up to create a BIG impact!

Look for the Annual Fund brochure in your mail in early October and we encourage you to make a gift to this year’s campaign. It’s all about providing your student with the best educational opportunities possible and we need your help to do that.

Help us provide the extraordinary every day by supporting the Annual Fund.

Many thanks,

Cynthia H. Gubb
Director of Advancement


From the BBA Parent Association

Our next Parent Association meeting is this Friday, October 5th at 8 am in the Hunter Seminar Room. We will start our meeting with a short presentation from Mark Tashjian about the Rowland Project. All are welcome. If you’d like to come for only the presentation, that’s fine. For those of you that attended the Parent Open House a few weeks ago and were interested to see the slides that Mark buzzed through, this is that presentation. 
Mark Your Calendar — RSVP to the BBA Fall Parent Mixer today!

Nan E. Bambara
BBA Parent Association President

Dorset, Vermont
Cell/Text 407-375-8615



Financial Aid Information Program
Date: Wednesday, October 3
Time: 5 pm – 6 pm
Location: Riley Center

Burr and Burton celebrates Financial Aid Month throughout October. The kickoff event is the annual Financial Aid Information Night on Wednesday, October 3 from 5 – 6 pm in the Riley Center, following afternoon parent conferences. Carol Brosseau, retired Director of Financial Aid at George Mason University, and Lucy Hebbard-Robinson, Financial Aid Counselor at the Community College of Vermont, will join forces for the presentation. They will cover the nuts and bolts of the financial aid process, the role of VSAC, help families understand the why’s and how’s of the FAFSA, and other financial aid forms. Family financial aid appointments at BBA will also be available through the month of October.

Wednesday, October 10th Special Programs:

Freshmen Service Day
Please have your child bring a lunch and water.

Sophomore Pre-ACT
Sophomores will take the PreACT test during school hours on October 10.  The PreACT simulates the ACT testing experience within a shorter test window on all four ACT test subjects: English, math, reading and science.  Results predict future success on the ACT (a college admission test), and provide both current achievement and projected future ACT test scores on the familiar 1-36 ACT score scale.

Junior Testing Information
Most juniors will take the PSAT (a preliminary, or practice, SAT) on Wednesday, October 10 during school hours. Students must bring the $16 registration fee, cash or check made out to Burr and Burton Academy to Lynne Welsh in the School and College Counseling Office. Online payment of $16.50 is also an option:  Register by Oct. 1. Late registration fee is $20. Fee waivers are available for students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.

The PSAT is a practice SAT and students who are considering college will normally want to choose this option. Score results are private and won’t be shared with colleges. It is a great way for students to become familiar with the format of the SAT. Students who do very well on the PSAT are considered for National Merit recognition. The PSAT covers math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.

ASVAB: The ASVAB is the other opportunity for Juniors on testing day, October 19. Juniors who do not wish to participate in the PSAT can take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), a free entrance test for students interested in serving in the US Military. The ASVAB highlights skill areas not normally tested so students planning to find a civilian job after high school may also benefit from taking this exam. This is available to Seniors as well. Students who take the ASVAB are not required to enter the Military and the score results are private and won’t be shared. The ASVAB is a free test.

Senior Application Workshops
All seniors with November 15 or earlier deadlines should attend the Senior Application Workshop from 9 – 11:00 am on October 10 in the Lower Level of the Smith Center. Counselors will work with students in the library and tech labs to assist them with completing their applications.

Standardized Testing Registration for Seniors
Registration Information for seniors who need additional testing:

  • October 5 – deadline for November 3 SAT
  • November 2 – deadline for December 8 SAT at Burr and Burton
  • November 2 – deadline for the December 8 ACT (not offered at Burr and Burton)

Register online at or Please note that Burr and Burton does not collect the fees for the SAT or ACT; you must register directly with these organizations. (We recommend that current juniors wait to take the SAT and ACT until the spring after they have received their PSAT results and have had the opportunity to participate in a test-prep course.)

Application Reminders for Seniors
Counselors are busy meeting with students on an individual basis to consider college lists, review applications and discuss essay topics. If your student is experiencing a roadblock in this process, please let us know so we can reach out to them.

By now, seniors should have submitted requests for teacher recommendations. Students who plan to complete their applications during the month of November need to have their essays and applications to their counselor by October 15 for review. Please refer to the Burr and Burton College Application Guide on the school’s website for more detailed information about timelines and the overall application process.

We encourage students interested in the University of Vermont to apply by November 1 to take advantage of the free application fee waiver for Early Action applicants and to receive a non-binding reply by the December holiday break.

Campus Visits
Seniors who have not visited colleges are strongly advised to make plans to do so as soon as possible. While scheduling visits on holidays and weekends is preferable, we understand that it is sometimes necessary for students to miss school. Parents should notify the school in advance for absences to be excused,although these absences still count toward the 14 – absence total for individual classes. Wednesday, October 10th and Monday, October 22 might be good days to visit colleges because Burr and Burton will not be holding classes.

College Visits at BBA
Juniors and seniors may be excused from class with teacher permission to meet with college representatives visiting Burr and Burton. Please check the college visit list on Naviance (OnCampus Resources page or Monday announcements also serve as a reminder of these appointments. College visits provide students with a great opportunity to indicate their interest in specific colleges, ask individual questions and learn the most current campus information.

Attention Sophomores!
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is a dynamic, interactive educational program designed to prepare our country’s youth to become effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace and community. Sophomore students who attend the Vermont seminar interact with leaders in business, government, education, media and non-profits; they get a realistic look at our nation, its people, and their role within the world community. The 2018 HOBY Vermont Seminar will take place at Saint Michael’s College (SMC) in Colchester, Vermont from the morning of Thursday, May 24 to the afternoon of Sunday, May 27.  Go to for more information. Stop by the School and College Counseling Office for an application. Applications are due back to Mrs. Welsh by Wednesday, October 31.

Oct 2018 – From the 9th Grade Corner
We hope your 9th grader has settled into the school routine and is enjoying school. Below are a few things to be aware of:

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday, October 4 – Parent/Student Conferences. Be sure to schedule these in advance.  Scheduling details and instructions can be found in the On Campus portal. Instructions were also emailed to all parents and guardians.

Wednesday, October 10 – Freshmen Service Day. Please have your child bring a lunch and water.

Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19. Exams.  Not all classes will have formal mid-term exams. Some will be project based.

Academic Support:

Library open until 4 pm Monday – Thursday.

Teachers are available to help before and after school and during Flex block.

Enrichment Trips:
There are many great enrichment trips scheduled for this year.  It may be time to start talking with your son/daughter about school sponsored trips. If not for this year, it may be wise to start the planning process for a potential trip as more trips and exchange programs will be offered in the upcoming years. Please know that there is financial aid available through the Rowland Fund for Student Enrichment.  

The School and College Counseling Office contacts:

Maria Bittinger, School and College Counselor for International Students,

Mary Grabarz, Registrar, 549-8127;

Cory Herrington, Dean of Students, Counselor for Freshmen,

Andrea Hogan, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8145;

Kristen Kimball, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 362-1775;

Kirk Knutson, Director of Admission and School Counseling, 549-8125;

Melissa Michaud, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8130;

Jason Pergament, Director of Student Success Program, Counselor for Freshmen Success Scholars, 549-8244;

Cristin Rose, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8126;

Lynne Welsh,  Admission and Counseling Office Manager, 549-8242;


Bulldog Logo copy 2

From the Athletics Department

Homecoming Weekend is coming up on October 12 and 13.
Reach out to Anne Simonds at of the Booster Club if you are interested in supporting our Fall Athletes.

Spirit Week – Monday, October 8 – Friday, October 12
Pep Rally for Students – Thursday, October 11 @ 1:45
Powder Puff – Thursday, October 11 @ 2:45
Bonfire – Thursday, October 11 @ 6pm
Homecoming Games – October 12 – October 13

Friday, October 12

Varsity Field Hockey v. Rutland – 4 pm Judy McCormick Taylor Field
JV Gold Boys Soccer v. Brattleboro – 4 pm Eckhardt Field
Varsity Boys Soccer v. Brattleboro – 5 pm Applejack Field
JV Field Hockey v. Rutland – 5:15 pm Judy McCormick Taylor Field
Varsity Girls Soccer v. Mill River – 7 pm Applejack Field

Saturday, October 13

Varsity Football v. Milton – 1 pm Judy McCormick Taylor Field
Hall of Fame – Saturday, October 13, 4 pm Riley Center
Homecoming Dance – Saturday, October 13, 7 pm


Bass Fishing:

  • 10/6 State Finals


  • 10/3 Boys State Qualifiers
  • 10/9 Girls Finals
  • 10/10 Boys Finals

Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer:

  • October 22 – Tournament pairings are completed and can be found on after 1:00.
  • October 23/24 – Play downs
  • October 26/27 – Quarterfinals
  • October 30/31 – Semi Finals
  • November 3 – State Finals

Cross Country:

  • October 27 – State Meet – Thetford Academy


  • November 2/3 – Semi Finals
  • November 10 – State Finals


BBA Alpine Skiing Updates
The shorter days and the falling temperatures are a sure sign that snow is just around the corner! If your son or daughter is planning to tryout for the alpine ski team please review the following information. More detailed updates will follow in the November Bullhorn and at the Mandatory Winter Sports Meeting.

The varsity alpine ski team is for those athletes that have previous experience in both alpine disciplines – slalom and giant slalom. Like last year there will be a tryout period and per Burr and Burton policy – any sport where there is only a varsity team (snowboarding, alpine skiing,and ice hockey) athletes may be cut after the tryout period if he/she is not at the varsity level.

If you plan to ski on weekends and over vacations we recommend you purchase a season’s pass through the Bromley Mountain Student Season Pass program. Afternoon passes and full day passes are available a reduced rate. Please pick up a season’s pass form outside of Sue Towslee’s office. Please note that applications are due by October 15, 2018.

Varsity athletes who do not purchase a ski pass, are required to purchase a training pass. Bromley Mountain generously offers this pass to our athletes for $100. These passes will be issued after the varsity team has been selected and they are only valid Tuesday – Friday while an athlete is training with the BBA team.

In addition, all athletes are required to pay a $25 membership fee to the Bromley Outing Club (BOC).

BBA will once again offer an enhanced training option for varsity alpine athletes. This early release option is open to varsity athletes who are in good academic standing and receive a recommendation from a teacher and coach. Students who participate are required to attend Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening study/support sessions at BBA. The fee for the program is $250 which covers transportation, additional coaching and academic mentoring.

The snowboarding team will be training at Stratton Mountain again this year, so we encourage those students to take advantage on the early season specials on passes to Stratton.


November 14 – Mandatory parent/athlete meeting for all winter sports at 6 pm in the EH Henry Gym.
November 26 – All Winter sports begin.

In case you missed it…

New Eligibility Policy
We have revised our eligibility policy to better support our students by taking advantage of our electronic gradebook. There are three main changes. We will review grades every two weeks. Students who are struggling academically will be required to use Flex Block to meet with their teachers. Students who are failing will be required to use practice time to work on their schoolwork (the previous policy allowed students to continue to attend practice). For the full text of the policy, click here.

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Ecuador Exchange visits BBA

For two weeks in September, fourteen students and their teacher from Unidad Educativa Santana, BBA’s sister school in Cuenca, Ecuador, visited Manchester.  The students had the opportunity to live with local families to experience everyday life in the United States, they attended classes and did a variety of activities around BBA and Manchester including the ropes course, pumpkin carving, the Dean Farm, Bromley, the Orvis Fly Fishing School and, of course, they spent time visiting the Manchester outlets and tackled the Vermonster at Ben and Jerry’s.  After saying goodbye to their host families, the group headed to New York City for five days and continued on to Washington D.C. for two days before returning home.

In June, Spanish Teacher Chris Nolan and his wife Pia will lead a group of BBA students to Ecuador for three weeks to complete this exchange cycle.  Burr and Burton Spanish students also have the opportunity to spend a semester in Ecuador studying at Santana and living with a local family. In addition to Spanish, Burr and Burton offers classes in French and German and has sister schools in each of those countries.


From the Creative Arts Department

Calliope Concert
The Creative Arts Department will host a Calliope Concert, an evening of music, Friday, October 5 at 6:30 pm in the Riley Center for the Arts.  Admission is $3 for students and $5 for adults payable at the door. Come out to support our student talent and join us for a reception in the lobby following the performance. 


Congratulations to the following Vocal Music Ensemble singers for their acceptance to the American Choral Director’s Association Honors Chorus sponsored by the Univeristy of Massachusetts, Amherst. Zoe Grigsby, Annabelle Mackson, Kenzie Lacoste, Karson Barclay, Anna Freebern, Angela Caggiano, Rebecca Leili, Kaia Hansen, Jessop Burrow, Sabayo Matiku, Val Giesey, Garren Aberth, Matthew Scott, Parker Kulis, Blake Greene and Stephen Woods..


Titanic Sails into The Riley Center

Titanic: Tragedy and Trial by Pat Cook will be presented at the Riley Center for The Arts, November 7, 8 , 9, 10, at 6:30 pm.  

History comes to life as over 40 BBA actors relive the majesty and magnificence of seeing the “almost unsinkable ship” through the eyes of her passengers and crew on Titanic’s maiden voyage.  A voyage cut short that fateful night on April 14, 1912, when the Titanic collided with an iceberg and within 3 hours sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.  Experience the passengers and crews dawning understanding and terror as they realize the ship is foundering without enough lifeboats and the bravery of many who put others lives before their own.  Combined with the reenacted testimony of the survivors from the 1912 Senate hearings, more questions are left unanswered than not.  Split second decisions ripple out and affect generations of all connected to the Titanic. This evening of theater is sure to raise your understanding of what one survivor describes as, “man’s hubris”.  Tickets can be purchased at


Adventure to Spain

Burr and Burton Spanish teacher Sue Ritchie will be leading a trip to Spain, from April 12 – 19, 2019.
Information about the trip may be found HERE.


From the Health Center

Dear BBA Families,

The topic of suicide has been hard to ignore in recent months. Suicide rates are at the highest they have been in 30 years with a teen dying by suicide every 90 minutes. It is the second leading cause of death for teens.

The Stratton Foundation and Burr and Burton are happy to collaborate and bring awareness to this national epidemic. Through the generosity of The Stratton Foundation’s Nathan Carreira Memorial Fund we are pleased to announce 2 upcoming trainings brought to us by The Center for Health and Learning.

The Umatter® for Community Awareness – will be held Monday, November 5th from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm at the Manchester Community Library. This session for parents and caregivers will provide information on risk factors and warning signs for suicide, what to say and do, and resources for referral and support. This training is free and is open to all. I strongly urge all parents and caretakers to advantage of this opportunity.

The following morning The Center for Health and Learning will then present  Umatter® for Schools to a select group of local educators hosted at Burr and Burton. Representatives from area schools have been invited to participate in this training. Teachers, faculty and support staff spend a tremendous amount of time with your children. We want to be sure they are armed with current and accurate information. Able to see warning signs of suicide, and know how to appropriately respond if, and when warning signs are discovered.

CBS news  aired this story just last week. The family of this teen hopes by speaking out, they can spare the pain and suffering of other families.

We are grateful to The Stratton Foundation for this opportunity. The Stratton Foundation supports education programs that help teens develop a vision for a future.  Meeting the basic human needs of hunger, warmth, self worth and well-being provides an opportunity for children to grow up healthy, focus on their education, and set on a path to thrive and succeed.

If you have any questions about the upcoming training seminars, or concerns for your own child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Megan Brooks
Director of Mental Health Services or 549-8250


Burr and Burton Yearbooks

Yearbooks are now on sale at! Our school is listed as Burr and Burton Academy.

For parents of Seniors, you can also purchase a Senior Recognition Ad at This section appears in the back of the yearbook and is a great way to give your favorite Senior a shout-out for being the amazing students that they are.

Additionally, by now, your Seniors should have gotten an email with the Senior Survey. All the instructions for submitting their photos and quotes will be found in this survey. The deadline for this to be submitted is Nov. 20th.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at

Melanie Virgilio
Yearbook Advisor


From the Library

Read this month’s library newsletter which features tips on note-taking, an opportunity for a free book and meal and of course, new books!

Library Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:20 am – 4 pm
Friday 7:20 am – 1 pm

Margi Putney
Library Media Specialist
(802) 549-8122



Corporate Sponsors

The 2018-19 Annual Fund drive has launched.  
We rely on our corporate partners to help support the wide variety of programs and educational opportunities for our students.  Please take a look at our sponsor benefits below and contact Pauline de Laszlo at or 549-8277, if you are interested in making a meaningful gift to our learners.

Corporate Sponsor Benefits HERE
We thank the corporations below for their generous support of Burr and Burton Academy and hope you will in turn support these businesses.
2017-18 Corporate Sponsors
Headmasters List
Berkshire Bank –
Bromley Mountain –
r. k. Miles –
Stratton Mountain Resort –
The Orvis Company –
The Vermont Country Store –
TPW Management –

High Honors List
Engineered Printing Solutions –
Finn and Stone Insurance –
Spiral Press Café –
The Equinox Golf Resort and Spa –
The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern –
W. H. Shaw Insurance Agency, Inc. –

Honors List
Bank of Bennington –
Matt Waite Excavating
Mettowee Mill Garden Center & Landscaping –
Northshire Bookstore –
The Richards Group, Insurance & Financial Services –
Wood & Signs

Academic Letter
Apricot Lane Boutique –
Barrows House –
Battenkill Communications –
Bradley D. Myerson Law Offices –
The Dorset Inn –
Lily of the Valley Florist –
Midura Building Company –
Mountain Goat North, Inc. –
Mountain Weavers –
People’s United Bank –
Prospect Rehabilitation –
Samuelson Law Offices
Spivey Lemonik Swenor, PC –
The Aspen at Manchester –
The Works Bakery Café –

Academic Pin
JOY – all things underthings –
The Pharmacy – Northshire –
Metropolitan Engineering Associates
Scott Thompson Builders –
Joseph M. Sullivan

Green Hills, Silver Waters
Gala Sponsors to Date


Wine Sponsors
Hoa and Orland Campbell

Mount Mansfield Sponsor $2,500+
Berkshire Bank Foundation

Express Copy, Inc.
Eric Nathan Auction & Real Estate, Inc. 

Killington Mountain Sponsor $1,500
Guaranteed Rate

SameSun of Vermont 

Mount Ellen Sponsor $1,000
Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty

High Tech Plumbing and Heating
Langway Chevrolet VW of Manchester
Mountain Media & ITV Fest
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
Stratton Rentals
Zippy Chicks

Camel’s Hump Sponsor $500
Peter and Michele Drasher

Equinox Village
Glebe Mountain Gardens & Landscaping
GSK Climate Control
Lily of the Valley Florist
L/S Gerontology Seminars and the Osnow Family
Manchester Capital Management
Mountain Goat North, Inc.
RE/MAX Four Seasons
Rutland Regional Medical Center
Spivey Lemonik Swenor PC
The Dorset Inn and Barrows House Inn & Restaurant
The Reluctant Panther 

Pico Peak Sponsor $250
About Face Orthodontics

Audy Appraisals PC
Big Branch Landscaping

BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont
Bradley’s Pro shop
Celebration Rentals, Inc.
Decorative Interiors, Inc.
Elm Counseling
Equipe Sport Ltd.
Flying Cow Signs
H.N. Williams
Heritage Family Credit Union
Hill Farm Inn
McWayne Jewelers
Alden/Ihasz Group
The Pharmacy Northshire
William Ravies Real Estate
James A. Young P.C.

We invite you to join this enthusiastic tribe of BBA Gala sponsors! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this year’s Green Hills and Silver Waters Gala, please contact Margot Page at or (802) 549-8281 for more information on sponsorship levels and benefits.

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