March 2019


1  The Big Picture: Academics at BBA… Strategic & coordinated course selection over all four years: 8 am, BBA Library
1  Parent Association Meeting: 8 – 9 am, BBA Library
1  SAT Prep Class: 1 – 3 pm, Hunter Seminar Room
7  Mandatory Spring Sports Meeting: 6 – 8 pm, Gym
9  SAT Testing: 8 – 2 pm, 3rd floor Smith Center
11 – 14 Mountain Campus Watershed Camping Trip
12 Drivers Ed Info Mtg: 5:30 – 7 pm, Student Center
13 Prism Concert: 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Southern Vermont Arts Center
14 Prism Concert: 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Southern Vermont Arts Center
15 Faculty In Service Day – No School
16 “24 Hours of Stratton”
18 Spring Sports Begin
21 Mid Terms – 12 noon Dismissal
22 Mid Terms – 12 noon Dismissal
22 The Campus Cabaret: 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Gym
22 Spring Parent Mixer: 5:30 – 7:30 pm, Founders Hall at Birchbrook
27-28 Mountain Campus Systems in Sustainability Trip
29 Progress Reports Issued
29 SAT Prep Class: 1 – 3 pm, Hunter Seminar Room


From the Headmaster

Dear Families:

Please vote on Tuesday in support of Burr and Burton Academy’s 2019-2020 tuition! Your support is very important!

As we say goodbye to February, I thought I would share with you the gist of some comments I made at assembly a few weeks ago. The comments had to do with race and the wearing of blackface, spurred by the messy situation with Virginia’s governor, all with the backdrop of Black History Month.

Here’s a little background
Virginia’s governor, who is white, graduated from medical school back in the 1980s, and on his yearbook page is a photo of two people, one wearing blackface and the other wearing a KKK robe. At first, the Governor expressed extreme remorse and apologized for being one of the participants in the photo. Then, the next day he announced that he wasn’t sure that it was him in the photo, but he did wear black face to be in a Michael Jackson dance contest.

So, how do we make sense of this? Are his actions in the 1980s indicative of racism in his heart? Should he resign? Should everyone lighten up a little bit and recognize youthful indiscretion?

The Teachable Moment (Assembly Comments)
We have here a bonafide teachable moment. Here is what I hope you can take away from this situation:

Unless you are part of the joke, you probably shouldn’t be making it.

You all know that I am half Japanese and half Armenian. I’m actually quite proud of my ethnicity, my race, my family heritage, just as I hope all of you are proud of your ethnicity, race, and family heritage.

If someone decided they wanted to dress up as a Japanese person and get laughs acting like what they think Japanese people act like, I don’t think I’d be very happy with that.

It comes down to this: my race is not your joke. That’s the problem with this whole blackface thing, and, in fact, that’s the problem with a lot of jokes when you tread on the issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender: unless you are part of the joke, you probably shouldn’t be making it.

I am not going to share my thoughts on whether the governor of Virginia should resign based on actions he took a long time ago, but I am hoping that none of you take those actions now that we live in 2019.

So there is your teachable moment!

* * * * * * *

Welcome to March. In a mere three months, we will say goodbye to 206 seniors. The weather will change, the green mountains will be green again, and another glorious year of learning will come to a close. We cherish our time with your sons and daughters, and we strive each day to fulfill our mission of educating students intellectually and morally for a life of responsibility, integrity and service.


Mark only Signature

Mark H. Tashjian


From the Associate Head of School

Dear BBA Families,

Usually my Bullhorn posts are a look forward, meant to highlight important events on the horizon. This month, I want to acknowledge one of many examples of student leadership and engagement that occurred during the month of February.

Students from Sarah McMillan’s Race and Class course honored Black History Month by sharing short presentations at each Monday assembly. The students chose three timely topics to address, including; the current debate over Confederate monuments, a lesson on the origins of Black Face, and a look at the disproportionate rates of incarceration in Vermont. All three presentations were thought provoking and educational. I thank the students for their scholarship and leadership and for starting a new tradition at BBA.

Celebrating black history was conceived in 1925 by historian Carter G. Woodson and began with a week-long celebration. It was not until 1976 that Black History Month was established. Woodson never intended black history only to be celebrated for a week or a month; he hoped that black history would be fully integrated into students’ educational experiences. Here at BBA, we constantly reflect on the voices, perspectives and history we study to ensure that it is inclusive and that it embodies all of our students’ experiences.  Talking about race in a predominantly white community is challenging. We are exploring diversity training options and identifying speakers to bring to BBA in order to support both students and faculty and to honor our core values of respect for individual differences and a supportive and caring community.

My best,

Meg Kenny
Associate Head of School


The 2019-2020 Burr and Burton Academy School Calendar can be downloaded HERE.


Mandatory Driver Education Meeting

Mandatory Driver Education Meeting – Tuesday, March 12, 2019 in the student center from 5:30 – 7 pm. Signup for the class will be the evening of the meeting. The meeting must be attended by the student and at least one parent or legal guardian. BBA offers a free driver education program and depending on the availability of the teaching staff the program will tentatively start sometime during the week June 17, 2019 and run until the end of July. For the first 15 days, classes run from 8 AM until 10 AM Monday through Friday. Under Vermont law a student is required to have 30 hours of classroom instruction, therefore if a student misses any classroom time they will be dropped from the class, no exceptions. In addition to classroom instruction a student must have 6 hours behind the wheel and 6 hours of in-car observation. For the first 15 days of class driving times will run from 10 am until 2:30 pm. Once the classroom portion of the program has been completed driving times run from 7 am until 2:30 pm. Signups for in-car instruction are on a rotating basis. Your student must be 15 years of age, have their driver’s permit and have driven at least 4 hours before they will be accepted into the course. Upper classman will be given priority.



From the BBA Parent Association



From the Advancement Office

Kaizen, Cultivating Change for Good

9th Annual Parent Association fundraising gala

May 24, 2019 at the Taconic

With spring right around the corner, planning is ramping up for our annual fundraising event, the Kaizen Gala. Here are two dates to put on your calendar:

  • Online Auction starts March 31st and ends on April 9th
  • Main event on Friday night, May 24 at Taconic

“Save the Date” cards went out in early February so we hope you have this date on your calendar already. The gala committee has been working diligently to pull together the details for this important fundraiser which supports the many different student programs offered at our school. We would like to thank our co-chairs, Kate Townshend and Ursula Knowles for their leadership and extend our sincere thanks to all of the gala committee members for their help over the past few months. It’s going to be a great evening – one you won’t want to miss!

We still need your help with this event and here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Become a Gala sponsor! We have sponsorships at many different levels: $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500 and $2,500. A sponsorship counts towards Parent participation in the Annual Fund and don’t forget that families can be sponsors too – consider a level that works for you! Contact Margot Page at
  2. Browse and bid the Online Auction! The auction opens on March 31 and ends April 9. Starting March 1, we’ll start posting a selection of the great Online Auction items we’ve secured on our BBA Facebook page and send out emails to tempt you. We have some fun, interesting things to bid on. We hope you will share the link to the auction with your family and friends. There is still time to donate an Online Auction item if you own a business, contact Pauline de Laszlo at 
  3. Sponsor a faculty member! We’d love for you to come to the gala, but if that’s not possible because of a scheduling conflict, consider sponsoring a faculty member to attend the event. When you receive your invitation, you’ll see an option on the reply card to sponsor a teacher.

If you need additional information about the Kaizen Gala, wish to reserve a table or tickets, please feel free to call me at 802-549-8201 or send a quick email to Tickets sell out fast so put in your reservation now!

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Every year we host over 100 grandparents and special friends at this event. The date is Friday, April 26 and we need mailing addresses! So if you would like to have your student’s grandparents or special friend included, please send their mailing address to Nancy Brown at Invitations will be going out at the end of March. It’s a fun day that includes presentations about all the new and interesting things going on at school, an update on The Rowland Project, and a sneak preview of the spring musical.

Why support the Annual Fund?

The proceeds from the Gala are designated to the Annual Fund to support student programs. I repeat my sales pitch month after month, year after year, for one reason only – to provide the best educational experience possible for YOUR student.

What happens here every day is remarkable from a student perspective. That is a result of our commitment to quality education because we collectively care deeply about every student – our teaching staff, our administration, our facilities guys, our business office, our coaches, and our Board of Trustees are deeply invested in the success of our students. We are putting your student at the forefront of everything we do – strategic planning, creative and innovative academic offerings, school and college counseling services, three seasons of athletic sports, arts and technology choices second to none, and much more. Just as you do, we want the best for your student and that takes a lot of extra funding above and beyond what we receive in tuition from our sending towns. Please consider making a gift at some level or support the Kaizen Gala as I’ve outlined above.

Thank you for all that you do to support the school, financially and through volunteering (Gala Committee, Parent Association, Booster Club, Friends of Hockey, etc.) We’re all in this together with only one goal in mind – to provide an exceptional educational experience every day for all Burr and Burton students.


Cynthia H. Gubb
Director of Advancement, Development, Fundraising and Friendraising


From the Student Success Program



2019-2020 Course Requests
The 2019-20 Course of Study (COS) PDF version is available on the BBA website under the Academics header in the Departments and Courses section. Course information is also available through the dropdown options on the page. Current freshmen (2022), sophomores (2021), and juniors (2020) have been encouraged to review course options for the upcoming school year and will be registering for their 2019-20 classes during the first week of March. All students are required to submit a course request form, signed by a parent, to their advisor. The sheet was distributed in advisory but is also available online just above the downloadable COS. Please contact Mr. Knutson or your student’s counselor if you have questions.

Spring College Admissions Program
On Wednesday, April 3, from 7 – 9 pm, BBA will host a panel presentation and topical workshops by admission officers from a variety of colleges and universities. Carol Brosseau will be one of the workshops presenters speaking about and answering questions about financial aid. (See more detailed information about Carol below.) Sophomores, juniors and their parents are encouraged to attend this informative program that will be held in the Rowland Center.

Mock College Interviews
Juniors will have the chance to participate in individual practice college interviews with college admission officers on Wednesday, April 10. Details will be forthcoming. Students will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis until spots are filled.

Notification of College Admission Decisions
Seniors: please be sure to notify your counselor whenever you receive an admission notification from a college. We don’t know unless you tell us!

Financial Aid Alert
Seniors need to complete and submit their financial aid forms ( and this month if they have not already done so. Contact VSAC at 1-800-642-3177 for assistance in filling out the forms. Don’t delay!

Carol Brosseau Meets on Financial Aid
During the Fall semester, Carol Brosseau volunteered to provide financial aid information to families and students. As you may already know, Carol has over 30 years of experience in counseling and financial aid at institutions such as Georgetown University, George Mason University, and Strayer College.  Many families arranged to meet privately with her to personally understand how financial aid could impact a student’s college aspirations.

As Financial Aid Award letters are received by families and students, Carol is pleased to continue offering her support.  During March and April she will again be available to meet with students and parents. In part, some of the various topics that Carol is prepared to discuss include:

  • Assessing an award letter
  • Comparing multiple awards letters
  • Developing options for addressing shortfalls
  • Creating a negotiation strategy
  • Appealing a FAFSA decision

If you would like to meet with Carol, please email her at

Free college planning events for Juniors and Sophomores:
Attend VSAC free workshops to supplement what students are learning with their school counselors about  college planning. Recognizing that students are at different stages in their thinking, and that it often takes multiple messages to reach them, these workshops offer both the basic and more targeted information about the entire college planning process. VSAC’s College & Career Pathways events help parents and students learn about financial aid, grants and scholarships, navigating college loans, how to search for a college or career program … and more. BBA is sending a bus to Southern Vermont College on Thursday, March 7, with Sophomore and Junior students who have registered to attend.

While registration has closed for the student trip on March 7, there are evening options available around the state for parents. These free events happen only once a year! Choose your location and date, and sign up at this VSAC link if you’re interested:

February 27 @ Castleton University, Castleton

March 7 @ Southern Vermont College, Bennington

March 21 @ Saint Michael’s College, Colchester

April 10 @ NVU–Johnson, Johnson

Standardized Testing Registration:
College bound juniors should sign up for the SAT and/or the ACT this spring. See test dates and deadlines below. Please check your calendar for possible athletic and other conflicts. We offer both tests on our campus so students can benefit from testing in a familiar environment. We will be discussing testing with juniors during our individual meetings but please feel free to contact us for specific questions and testing recommendations.

Information on the SAT and ACT, registration forms and free practice booklets are available in the School and College Counseling Office and at and  Below is a listing of spring testing options at BBA. Additional testing opportunities will come next fall.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Upcoming Test Dates and Deadlines:

Saturday, April 13, ACT.
 Register by March 8 at 
Sign up for ACT with writing. Test is offered at BBA.

Saturday, May 4,  SAT.
 Register by April 5 at
 Sign up for SAT with writing. Test is offered at BBA.

See ACT and College Board websites or refer to the testing calendar we mailed home. Students should not test every time one is offered, but we do recommend that juniors take at least one ACT or SAT Test in their Junior year.

SAT Prep Course at BBA: High End Test Prep with Brian Marohnic
The cost is underwritten by BBA so students are only charged $100.  A further fee reduction is available for students from low-income families.  Classes meet in the Hunter Seminar Room and are timed to prepare for the May 4th SAT. To register for the course, bring $100 (payable to BBA) to Mrs. Welsh.  Fee reductions are available to families with financial need – see your counselor. Registration deadline: March 15.

Course is on Fridays from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Hunter Seminar Room.

Course Dates: March 29, April 5, 26, and May 3.

Test Prep Opportunities:
Free Options:,,

Download the “Question of the Day” App from the College Board
On-Line courses:

Manchester Tutorial Center Organized Classes*
*Timed to prepare for SAT at BBA on May 4; cost is $350. Classes from 1 pm to 4 pm on 3/17, 3/24, 3/31 and 4/7, 4/14, 4/28.. Contact the Tutorial Center at 362-0222 to register and pay for the class.

Local SAT and ACT Prep Course
Contact or for more information about cost and class dates for their 2018 SAT Prep course offering.

Summer Programs/Study Abroad
The School and College Counseling Office has collected information about a variety of summer programs including two Vermont-based programs for an experience in health-related careers: MedQuest (deadline to sign up is Friday, March 1, info at and CollegeQuest (info at

All students are eligible for the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont week-long sessions organized around the following topics: Arts, Asian Cultures, Current Events and Issues, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Technology, Astronomy and Young Writers. Brochures are in the School and College Counseling Office. Applications will be available online beginning February 1 at Application Deadline is March 15. For more info: contact  the GIV Office at 802-865-4448 or

Students planning to spend a semester abroad or in an alternative educational setting in 2019-20 should meet with their counselor to plan an appropriate academic schedule. Students must submit a BBA Off-Campus Study application for approval. These forms are due by May 15 for plans that begin at any point during the fall semester; and the due date is September 15 for plans during the Spring semester.

From the 9th grade corner
Any 9th grade student interested in attending the Mountain Campus for 2019/20 should request all four Mountain Campus courses in their OnCampus portal for the Fall or Spring. As we all know, March can be a long stretch so it’s important for our 9th graders to stay focused on the road ahead and continue to utilize all the resources available to them here at Burr and Burton. Mountain Campus applications will be distributed following the request process.

Upcoming Events:
Spring Athletes Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting – Wednesday, March 7th, 6 pm.
Inservice – Friday, March 15, no school for students.
Mid-Term Exams – Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22.

Forms or links for most of the scholarships listed below are available in the School and College Counseling Office. This scholarship information is also listed on the Naviance website at: PLEASE thoroughly complete the transcript and documents request form specific to Scholarships and found in the SCC Office.

Journalism Education Foundation of New England (JEFNE) Scholarship
Eligibility: New England resident, GPA of 2.3 or above, high school student planning a career in Journalism OR a college Student studying Journalism or related field
Award: $1,000; Deadline March 8

Knights of Columbus, Vermont, Scholastic Achievement Scholarship
Eligibility: Must be son or daughter of Knight of Columbus within VT jurisdiction and graduating senior. Essay required and MUST BE HANDWRITTEN
Deadline: March 10
Application in SCC Office

The George Coleman Scholarship
Eligibility: Academic excellence. GPA of at least a 3.0. Must be enrolling in a NEACRAO member institution (see website for list of member schools
Award: $2,000
Deadline: March 15

Rutland Regional Medical Community Scholarship
Eligibility: seniors with the goal of a career in healthcare. Proof of acceptance into a program  in the healthcare field.
Award: $1,000
Deadline, March 15

Alice Agney Scholarship (Vermont Superintendants Association)
Eligibility: Senior demonstrating a commitment to further their education after graduation. Leadership, service to community, academic achievement, and initiative in overcoming a specific challenge or challenges.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: March 18

Heritage Family Credit Union Scholarship
Eligibility: graduating senior pursuing further education in college, trade school. Exemplary member of the student body, demonstrated leadership qualities within school and community. Creative video required
Award: $1,000
Deadline: RECEIVED BY March 28
Visit for an application.

Fraternal Order of Eagles and Auxiliary Scholarships
Eligibility: Seniors entering either a college or vocational school. Personality, community service, academic accomplishments, and financial need are some of the deciding factors.
Award: not specified
Deadline: March 31

Wantastiquet Rotary Scholarship
Eligibility: graduating senior from Jamaica, Londonderry, Peru, Stratton, Weston, Windham, Winhall, planning on furthering education through college or technical school. Academic potential and community involvment. Need a letter attesting to community service. Brief essay required. As is an interview.
Award: unspecified
Deadline, April 1

VT EPSCoR CWDD Scholarship
Eligibility: First generation OR of Native American ancestry; US citizen, VT resident, senior planning to attend a Vermont college
or already enrolled as an undergrad in Vermont College/University;
GPA, 3.0; enrolling in STEM Major in College
Award: unknown
Deadline: April 1

American Legion of Vermont Scholarship
Eligibility: seniors accepted at approved or accredited school or college,
Award: $1,500; $1,000; or $500
Deadline: April 1
Application information online:

Sons of the American Legion Dennis Comai Scholarship
Eligibility: Any student who is planning to attend a trade school or technical college (whose grandfather, grandmother, step grandparents, father or mother/step parents, adopted parents or grandparents, sisters or brothers who are members of the American Legion Family (American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion)
Award: $1,000 or $500
Deadline: April 15 Application in folder

Prospect Rehabilitation Scholarship
Eligibility: Senior intending to prepare for a career in health care, academic record extra curricular activities and teacher recommendation. Essay is very important
Amount $500
Deadline: April 22

Vermont Golf Association Scholarship
Eligibility: top 40% of class, connection to the game of golf; i.e., play, working in the gof shop, on the grounds caddying, etc.
Award: $1,000/yr for 4 years
Deadline May 1

Vivint Smarthome Scholarship
Eligibility: Application online. Open to high school seniors or college students who are legal residents of the United States Scholarship payable only to students living in the United States Student must enroll in semester beginning no later than September 10, 2019 Winner is not based on financial need Home-schooled students may apply so long as their completed coursework equals a high school senior Applicants required to submit a video depicting “Live smart, manage less. How do you live smart?” Student must be declared, or have intent to declare a major.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: May 1
Application online at

Stephen Phillips Scholarship
Eligibility: academic achievement, service to others, good character, leadership qualities, and a willingness to work to contribute to college, personal and/or family expenses. Extensive application form. Start early! (See if you qualify financially BEFORE filling out the application.)
Award: $3,000 to $10,000, renewable 4-year scholarship
Deadline: by midnight, May 1st
Application online at

BBA Wadsworth Art Scholarship
Eligibility: must be planning to major or double major in studio art.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: May 1


The Cooper Kelly Educational Fund
Eligibility: Senior planning to attend college. Dependable, responsible, and diligent with definite goals in mind. 2.0 average and references required.
Interest free LOAN. No specified amount ($25 application fee)
Application and information in the School and College Counseling Office

Olin Scott Fund, Inc.
Eligibility: 2.5 average, Bennington County senior accepted at University or  College, must interview
Application in the School and College Counseling Office ($25 application fee)

The School and College Counseling Office contacts:

Maria Bittinger, School and College Counselor for International Students,

Mary Grabarz, Registrar, 549-8127;

Cory Herrington, Dean of Students, Counselor for Freshmen,

Andrea Hogan, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8145;

Kristen Kimball, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 362-1775;

Kirk Knutson, Director of Admission and School Counseling, 549-8125;

Melissa Michaud, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8130;

Jason Pergament, Director of Student Success Program, Counselor for Freshmen Success Scholars, 549-8244;

Cristin Rose, School and College Counselor for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, 549-8126;

Lynne Welsh,  Admission and Counseling Office Manager, 549-8242;


Bulldog Logo copy 2

From the Athletics Department

We are very excited to announce the inaugural season of Unified Basketball at Burr and Burton. The purpose of Unified Sports is to create unique teammate bonds through authentic competitive experiences tailored to the appropriate skill development and ability level of participants. In Unified Sports, individuals with intellectual disabilities (athletes) are paired with individuals without intellectual disabilities (partners) to promote growth in sport-specific skills (shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, etc.). Additionally, Unified Sports experiences create a culture of inclusion and foster understanding in schools and communities. Participation in Unified Sports leads to new friendships, improved self-esteem and positive changes in attitude and behavior. Look for our first game later this month.

We are also excited to announce that Ultimate is moving from club status to varsity status this season as well.

Remaining Winter Post Season Competition:

First Day of Playoffs:
Boys Basketball – March 5-6

State Championships:
Nordic – March 4
Alpine – March 4-5
Snowboarding – March 5-6
Girls Basketball – March 8-9
Boys Ice Hockey – March 13
Girls Ice Hockey – March 14
Boys Basketball – March 15-16

Thursday, March 7 at 6 pm:
Mandatory spring sports parent/athlete meeting.
All spring sports will meet in the gymnasium. From this meeting teams will be directed to individual meeting locations.

**ATTENTION GIRLS LACROSSE FAMILIES** This year the Coach and Family meeting for Girls Lacrosse will take place on Sunday March 3, at 6:30 pm in the Hunter Seminar Room. parents and athletes are still expected to attend the general session of the Mandatory Parent/Athlete meeting on Thursday March 7.

Monday, March 11
Pitchers and Catchers begin for baseball.

Monday, March 18
All Spring sports begin tryouts. Lacrosse, Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Track and Field.

All Spring athletes must have had a well physical exam after June 9, 2017. Copies of new or existing physicals must be provided to the Nurse’s Office on or before March 15 (March 8 for pitchers and catchers). Forms are available online to print and outside of the AD’s office.

All of the other forms needed to participate in athletics must be filled out through OnCampus. Please complete forms on or before March 15 (March 8 for pitchers and catchers). Assistance and computer access will be provided immediately following the Spring sports meeting in the basement of the Smith Center.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Director of Athletics, Dave Miceli at

Please note that there are competitions scheduled over Spring break. Please keep this in mind when scheduling family vacations.

Spring Head Coaches:
Boys Lacrosse –  Tom Grabher:
Girls Lacrosse – Jamie Blake:
Softball – Nikki Dexter:
Baseball – Ed Lewicki:
Boys Tennis – Pete McNealus:
Girls Tennis – Jeff Grimshaw:
Track & Field – Caleb Wiley:
Ultimate – Tom Von Allmen:

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all your Bulldog athletic updates!




From the Creative Arts Department

UMASS Honors Band
Congratulations to Anna Freebern, Danielle MacKenzie and Stephen Mathyas for their acceptance to the University of Massachusetts Honor Band Festival held Saturday, February 9, 2019.  

Burr and Burton Academy recently became the first Steinway Select School in Vermont thanks to the purchase of a combination of uprights, baby grand and concert grand pianos. Gary Girouard from Steinway & Sons presented a plaque and $5,000 scholarship check to the music department and administration heralding this historic event.

Neil Freebern, Chair of the BBA’s Creative Arts Department said, “We are very excited about the opportunities this investment affords BBA students and staff. We know it will help us continue to attract students interested in a first class music education and it will strengthen our place in the cultural life of the community. This cements Burr and Burton’s commitment to musical excellence.”

Headmaster Mark Tashjian added, “Steinway pianos are legendary, and I am delighted that we can add these instruments into the mix of opportunities available at BBA. I am grateful to Neil and Julie Freebern for having the vision to bring our music education to such a high level, to Steinway & Sons for their partnership in this venture, and to our generous donors, who made it all possible.”


The Burr and Burton Academy Creative Arts Department will present Prism Concerts at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, March 13 and Thursday, March 14, at the Southern Vermont Arts Center.  Please join us to celebrate this year’s program, Rise Up, as we explore the many facets to the story of the Phoenix as a metaphor for life, loss and renewal. Under the direction of Neil and Julie Freebern, the Prism Concert format has evolved to become an immersive and unique multi-media performance that strings together a wide variety of musical performances, uninterrupted by applause. Tickets for “Rise Up”, Prisms 2019, can be purchased at


2009 Burr & Burton Academy graduate Devin Johnson will bring his many talents back to Manchester on March 30 to benefit BBA’s Creative Arts Department. Fresh off a performance at the Triad Theater in NYC, “Let The Feet Do The Talkin” – an Evening of Stories, Tap and Song, will lift our spirits during our Vermont mud season!

Devin, is well known as a talented dancer, singer, and actor – a triple threat! He has a degree in Musical Theater Performance from Montclair State University, is a member of Actors Equity, and has performed at numerous regional theaters including the Weston Playhouse, where he was seen in “42nd Street”, “Peter and the Starcatcher”, “Mamma Mia”, and last summer, in “West Side Story”.

The show will also feature current BBA students Zoe Grigsby and Matthew Scott.

Please join us for a fun night out benefitting BBA’s great arts programs!


From the Health Center

Burr and Burton is taking part in the 2018 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This was developed in 1991 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The YRBS has been administered every other year in the state of Vermont 1993. The YRBS gathers gathers information about health risk behaviors of 6th through 12th grade students. The survey will ask about nutrition, physical activity, injuries, sexual behaviors, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. Schools, communities and state agencies use these results to evaluate programs, plan new programs and to secure future funding. 
The YRBS will be administer during advisory mid to late March. 
The YRBS is anonymous and the procedures have been designed to protect your child’s privacy. Some students may find some questions sensitive, but they do not put their name on the survey and individual results of any one survey are not shared with us. 
For the survey to be accurate, it is important that all students, regardless of whether they have engaged in health-risk behaviors be given the opportunity to participate in the survey. We would like all students to take part in the survey; however, the survey is voluntary. No student will be required to take the survey. As a parent, you have the right to have your child opt out of the survey if you so choose. If this is the case, please contact me and let me know. Also, please contact me if you have any further questions about the survey. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 
Megan Brooks LMHC, Director of Mental Health Services

Burr and Burton Yearbooks

BBA Yearbooks On-Sale Now

Look Forward to LOOKING BACK


The memories. The friends. The laughter. Yearbooks are truly something special that you’ll hold on to forever. Click to order today for $55.00.

ORDER YEARBOOK – 2019 Burtonian HERE.

Melanie Virgilio
Yearbook Advisor


From the Library

Read the latest library newsletter for information on navigating digital information and highlights of the new books we have added to the collection.

Library Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:20 am – 4 pm
Friday 7:20 am – 1 pm

Margi Putney
Library Media Specialist
(802) 549-8122



Corporate Sponsors

The 2018-19 Annual Fund drive has launched.  
We rely on our corporate partners to help support the wide variety of programs and educational opportunities for our students.  Please take a look at our sponsor benefits below and contact Pauline de Laszlo at or 549-8277, if you are interested in making a meaningful gift to our learners.

Corporate Sponsor Benefits HERE
We thank the corporations below for their generous support of Burr and Burton Academy and hope you will in turn support these businesses.
2017-18 Corporate Sponsors
Headmasters List
Berkshire Bank –
Bromley Mountain –
r. k. Miles –
Stratton Mountain Resort –
The Orvis Company –
The Vermont Country Store –
TPW Management –

High Honors List
Engineered Printing Solutions –
Finn and Stone Insurance –
Spiral Press Café –
The Equinox Golf Resort and Spa –
The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern –
W. H. Shaw Insurance Agency, Inc. –

Honors List
Bank of Bennington –
Matt Waite Excavating
Mettowee Mill Garden Center & Landscaping –
Northshire Bookstore –
The Richards Group, Insurance & Financial Services –
Wood & Signs

Academic Letter
Apricot Lane Boutique –
Barrows House –
Battenkill Communications –
Bradley D. Myerson Law Offices –
The Dorset Inn –
Lily of the Valley Florist –
Midura Building Company –
Mountain Goat North, Inc. –
Mountain Weavers –
People’s United Bank –
Prospect Rehabilitation –
Samuelson Law Offices
Spivey Lemonik Swenor, PC –
The Aspen at Manchester –
The Works Bakery Café –

Academic Pin
JOY – all things underthings –
The Pharmacy – Northshire –
Metropolitan Engineering Associates
Scott Thompson Builders –
Joseph M. Sullivan

Chinese flowers represent growth, fulfillment, and new, prosperous beginnings in our lives.
When we focus our attention on the potential of these exquisite symbols, our intellects and spirits
bloom as we cultivate Kaizen: Change for Good.

Named in honor of Burr and Burton’s annual school-wide theme of Kaizen: Change for Good, Burr and Burton Academy’s Parent Association 2019 Spring Gala is called Kaizen: Cultivating Change for Good. This annual event, scheduled for May 24 at the Taconic, will host over 250 guests and showcase our gifted students in the creative arenas in which they excel. Your support of Burr and Burton Academy’s mission inspires and transforms our young adults. For this we thank you.

Friday, May 24, 2019

For more information, contact Pauline de Laszlo at

Kaizen: Cultivating Change for Good
Gala Sponsors to Date


Lotus Sponsor $2,500+
Colonial Toyota
Express Copy
Eric Nathan Auction and Real Estate, Inc.

Plum Blossom Sponsor $1,500+
Same Sun of Vermont

Flowering Cherry Sponsor $1,000+
Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty
High-Tech Plumbing & Heating
Langway Chevrolet VW of Manchester
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
Zippy Chicks

Peony Sponsor $500+
Bradley Pro Shop
Heritage Credit Union
Lily of the Valley Florist
Manchester Capital Management
Mountain Goat North, Inc.
RE/MAX Four Seasons
Spivey Lemonik Swenor PC
The Dorset Inn/Barrows House

Jasmine Sponsor $250+
Abacus Automation
Big Branch Landscaping
Baierlein Landscaping
Caren Vickers PowerWeek Workshop
Celebration Rentals
Decorative Interiors
Elm Counseling
Equinox Village
Flying Cow Signs
McWayne Jewelers
Taconic Spine
The Reluctant Panther

Local businesses and families, we invite you to join this enthusiastic tribe of BBA Gala sponsors! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this year’s Kaizen Gala, or for more information on sponsorship levels and benefits, please contact Margot Page at or (802) 549-8281.

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